When it comes to creating your own website from scratch, there are a few key concepts to consider in order to design the most user-friendly and effective web page from the start. The process itself is relatively simple and can come off as far more challenging to complete than it actually is. By focusing on the essentials, such as customer needs and brand imagery, you can successfully create an expertly designed website by yourself.

Start Simple

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of your web designing project, but remembering to start small is the key to biting off manageable-sized tasks. As your website progresses, you can concern yourself with adding specific details and concepts that will further market the brand. Establishing good bones for your website is ultimately the highest priority. Truthfully, the most crucial consideration is your audience, so prioritize what you feel they want to see and focus on that. This could be high-quality photos, engaging blogs, or easy-to-use navigation tools. As you continue working on expanding the website, you will gradually be able to take on more challenging tasks. In the meantime, your customers will be able to begin exploring and utilizing the site.

Focus On Your Brand Image

Having a cohesive brand image is essential for properly marketing your company. Customers should be able to easily recognize your products or logo and associate it with your mission statement. Making intentional color choices that are appealing to the eye and eliminate unnecessary distractions keeps users focused and engaged as they navigate your site. Another important consideration is making sure whatever color palette you choose matches your company’s logo. Design consistency allows customers to recognize the brand easily and keeps everything looking high-quality.

Check Compatibility

With a large majority of users scrolling the web on their cell phones or iPads, it is more vital than ever to ensure your website is compatible with a variety of devices. Preview your new website on mobile devices to ensure it delivers the look and readability you need. You’ll want to be sure the text size is reader-friendly, the site itself is easy to navigate, and that it’s formatted to fit the smaller screen properly.

Invest In A Custom Domain

Although it may be tempting to keep costs low and take advantage of a free domain, this comes with ads featuring other brands’ logos. It can be incredibly confusing for the customer, as they are presented with multiple brands in one go. Instead, streamline their experience by investing in a custom domain that solely features your brand. Also, having a custom domain allows increased flexibility to aid in identifying your brand’s site. Being able to take your company’s name and turn it into a direct website makes navigating to your page incredibly simple for customers. Because of this, you’ll be able to increase your reach, drive new business, and expand like never before.