Active Backup for Google Workspace Can Help Protect Your Data

Data loss can be costly and devastating for businesses. As such, having a reliable backup solution is essential. Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace is a software solution that offers a range of features to help protect data across multiple devices and platforms. When combined with multiple hard drives, it can offer a cost-effective and powerful backup solution for businesses of all sizes, including small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and schools.

Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace Benefits

Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace is a specialized solution tailored to the needs of businesses using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). This innovative tool provides a set of significant advantages for organizations relying on Google’s suite of productivity and collaboration tools.

Firstly, the solution offers seamless and automated backup for Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. This ensures data preservation against accidental deletions, user errors, or malicious activities, reducing the risk of critical information loss.

Secondly, Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace provides comprehensive visibility and control over backup tasks, allowing administrators to schedule backups, monitor progress, and adjust settings conveniently from a centralized dashboard. This simplifies management and ensures data protection without burdening IT staff.

Furthermore, the solution offers flexible recovery options, enabling users to restore specific emails, files, or entire accounts quickly. This capability enhances business continuity by minimizing downtime in case of data loss incidents.

In addition, the solution encrypts data both during transmission and storage, guaranteeing the security of sensitive business information. It also facilitates compliance with data protection regulations by offering encryption and retention settings.

Continuous Backup

Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace introduces a powerful continuous backup feature that enhances data protection and ensures real-time updates for businesses relying on Google Workspace applications. This unique capability offers several notable advantages.

Continuous backup operates by constantly monitoring changes made within Google Workspace accounts, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. As soon as any modifications, additions, or deletions occur, the backup system immediately captures and syncs these changes to the backup repository. This approach guarantees that the most up-to-date versions of data are preserved, reducing the risk of data loss to a minimum.

The continuous backup feature not only improves data resiliency but also minimizes the recovery point objective (RPO), which is the maximum acceptable data loss in case of an incident. As changes are backed up in near real-time, the potential loss of critical information is significantly reduced compared to traditional backup methods that rely on periodic snapshots.

By providing constant data protection, businesses can rest assured that their Google Workspace data is safe even in rapidly changing environments. This level of agility and responsiveness ensures that any data loss event can be mitigated with minimal disruption and data recovery can be performed with the utmost accuracy.

Flexible Restoration Options

Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace goes beyond just backup by offering a flexible and user-friendly restoration process, ensuring that businesses can quickly recover their data with precision and efficiency.

The solution provides multiple restoration options tailored to different scenarios. Whether it’s a single email, a specific file, or an entire Google Workspace account that needs to be recovered, the restoration process is intuitive and adaptable.

For instance, if a user accidentally deletes an important email or document, administrators can initiate point-in-time recovery, allowing them to restore the specific item to a previous state. This prevents the need to recover an entire account, saving time and resources.

In cases where a more extensive recovery is necessary, such as when data is lost due to a ransomware attack or a major user error, the solution offers account-level restoration. Administrators can select a specific backup snapshot and restore the entire Google Workspace account to that state, effectively rolling back to a point before the incident occurred.

Furthermore, the solution’s granular recovery capabilities enable users to selectively restore items from backups. This means that if only certain files or emails need to be retrieved, the restoration process can be focused on those specific items, reducing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

The user-friendly interface of Synology Active Backup simplifies the restoration process, allowing administrators to search, preview, and select the items they wish to recover. This user-centric approach streamlines data recovery and reduces the learning curve for IT staff.


Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace places a strong emphasis on data security by incorporating robust encryption measures to safeguard sensitive business information throughout the backup process.

The solution employs end-to-end encryption during both data transmission and storage. This means that when data is being transferred from Google Workspace to the backup repository, it is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access or interception. Additionally, the data stored within the backup repository is also encrypted, ensuring that even if the physical storage were compromised, the data remains protected and unreadable without the encryption keys.

This encryption follows industry-standard protocols, utilizing advanced encryption algorithms and secure key management practices. This enhances the confidentiality and integrity of the data, reducing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

Furthermore, the encryption mechanisms are designed in a way that only authorized personnel, such as administrators with the appropriate credentials, possess the keys necessary to decrypt the data. This ensures that data remains under the control of the organization and is not accessible by external parties.

By incorporating strong encryption throughout the backup lifecycle, Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace provides businesses with the confidence that their sensitive information is shielded from potential security threats, compliance breaches, and unauthorized access. This commitment to data security reinforces the solution’s role as a trustworthy and comprehensive data protection tool.

Cost-Effective Solution

One of the biggest advantages of Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace is its cost-effectiveness. The software can be installed on a Synology NAS, which offers a powerful and flexible platform for managing data. The NAS can then be paired with multiple hard drives to provide ample storage capacity for backups.

For small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and schools, this can be a particularly attractive feature, as these organizations may not have the budget for expensive backup solutions. Synology’s price point provides a lot of value for businesses, making it an affordable solution for those looking to protect their data without breaking the bank. Additionally, the software’s user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process make it easy to use, even for businesses without dedicated IT staff.

Room for Improvement

While Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace offers many benefits, there is room for improvement. One area that could be improved is the ability to filter users for backup. Currently, the software does not allow users to filter which accounts to back up, which can result in backing up unnecessary data and increasing backup time. Additionally, large backups have failed for some users, causing the machine to lock up. The cause of these failures is unclear but may be related to compression, deduplication, or encryption during the backup process.


Overall, Synology Active Backup for Google Workspace offers a cost-effective and powerful backup solution for businesses of all sizes, including small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and schools. Its continuous backup, flexible restoration options, and encryption features make it a robust and secure option for protecting data.